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Artist, writer and researcher Chen Fankuan was born in Hangzhou, currently resides and works in London. ​


"Diving in the billows of history, I am always immersed in the elapse of past dynasties and the elegy of constant political movements that shaped contemporary china. Haunted by the phantoms of impermanence and drenched in the tides of time, a hazy shade of somniloquy flows between myself and my homeland. Shapes of the landscape become integrated as the unspoken sounds of my familial encounters lost in the vicissitudes of inextricably entwined, overlapping histories."


  • MA with Distinction, Major in Fine Art
    Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London

  • BFA, Major in Oriental Mural Studies
    China Academy of Art


  • 2019 New Camberwell Art, Camberwell College of Arts, London

  • 2019 Outstanding Works of CAA Graduates, Museum of Contemporary Art, Hangzhou

  • 2019 Veni Vidi We Young, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou

  • 2018 The Exhibition of Teaching Works 2018, Institute of Rock Art, Hangzhou

  • 2017 From Tibet to Burma, Swart Gallery, Hangzhou

  • 2017 Dust on the Lily of the Moon, Zhejiang World Trade International Exhibition Center, Hangzhou

  • 2016 Up to the Mountains and Down to the Villages, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou


  • 2019 Six Ruins of Mount Wu; Series.  CAA Art Museum

  • 2019 Cosmic Landscape; Series 2.  New Century Hotel Group

  • 2018 Cosmic Landscape; Series 1.  Wulin Academy of Arts

  • 2018 She·Phoenix·Mountains.  Art Institute of Jingning She Autonomous County

  • 2017 Lakshanas of Sentient Beings; Series. Department of Mural Painting, China Academy of Art

  • 2017 Somniloquence Between Illusion and Reality; Series.  Centre of Psychology, China Academy of Art

  • 2016 The Anger of Dharmapalas; Series.  School of Foundation Studies, China Academy of Art


  • 2019 Chongli Art Prize, The Council of Chongli Foundation

  • 2019 New Century Scholarship, New Century Foundation

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