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Lakshanas of Sentient Beings 
31cmH x 22cmW (each), Chinese ink on paper
From Tibet to Burma, Swart Gallery, Hangzhou

Lakshanas of Sentient Beings is a series of portrait drawings from October to November 2017, when Fankuan was involved in an art program to reside with local minority tribes in the most remote parts of southwest China. With a team of researchers and students from China Academy of Art, they had stayed in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the valley of Jinsha River, living with Tibetan Lamas and thangka painters for half a month and then headed south all the way from the edge of the Tibetan plateau to the village of Lisu minority tribe on the Sino-Burmese border. Faces from the series of portrait drawings include Tibetans, Bai people, Nakhi people and Lisu people.


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