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Nest of Homeland 1989-1999


Rope, steel wire, orange peels, gesso, masking tape, loudspeaker

Audio in the loudspeakerChen Fankuan
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Remembrance of the Names in Oblivion


Receipts, Chinese ink, mineral powders, chrysanthemums, gesso and watercolour



Remembrance of the Names in Oblivion (Details)

Memory Against Forgetting is a series of works from 2019-2020.

"Across the thorns and barriers, the homeland is not just the nest of nostalgia for the distant home, but a hazy horizon that comprises its vicissitudes, expanding endlessly towards the present moment of its witnesses. Haunted by memories of childhood and familiar encounters, recordings of shoutings in the movements are alternating with shootings in the crackdowns, re-echoing in the midst of the barbed wires. Displayed in the loudspeaker, the tool which was used by both protesters and the regime for demonstrations and announcements, din from the crowd is intertwined in the structure of power and rights. Out of the resonance of history, as the bell tolls, layers of the mixed sounds are gradually faded into the distance, leaving the wuthering wind to clear away the traumas of the dolorous land."

"Covered with the overwritten names of protesters and whistleblowers, combined with the chemical reaction of heated bisphenol A in the audit roll, the purchase records on receipts are melted in the thick blackness. Written in large seal script and English, the dark red words in the front layer of receipts are the accusations of 'crimes' that were labelled on the protesters and whistleblowers by the government, being stigmatized on the media and courts. As to sugarcoat political stability, only those names of activists that were too influential to papered over would be reported and convicted in the state-run media, leaving most of the participants silenced and disappeared. The names on the audit roll are the participants of the Weiquan movement which began in the early 2000s, collected from reports of Amnesty International, Freedom House and independent media. While the Party's propaganda avoids their names and stories, brainwashes its citizen in the tittytainment of consumptions, the purchase records on receipts are dissolved in their names along with their courage and resistance, mourned in the encircled chrysanthemums, a symbol of remembrance in Chinese culture."

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